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Buy Peanut Butter Cookies

buy peanut butter cookies

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peanut butter chocolate cupcake from Grand Central Bakery

peanut butter chocolate cupcake from Grand Central Bakery

Let us accept from the beginning that there are two basic ways to react to really good food. The first way is to make the dish last. The bites are small as you savor every possible flavor combination as it crosses your palate. Your goal is to commit the meal to memory so that later you can detail it in every way to your other foodie friends. The second is the exact opposite. It's so good that you simply cannot wait to finish it. Savoring isn't even an option at this point, you're channeling your not-so-inner Cookie Monster and scarfing it down.

Three guesses about my reaction to this cupcake and the first two don't count. Oh man, this was good!!!! If I should see this option at Grand Central Bakery again, it will be mine.

This is a chocolate chunk cupcake with peanut butter buttercream frosting garnished with chocolate chips and, yes, that really is a teeny tiny peanut butter cookie, a little larger than a quarter. Shall we begin?

The cake: Nothing new to add here, and that's not a complaint. Deep, rich, crumbly with a good balance. Same as it ever was. "Darn".

Frosting: I can't stand peanut butter flavoring. It's always too sweet and lacks the grit of real peanut butter and peanut butter cookies (the real deal, that is, not the store bought monstrosities) tend to lose the saltiness behind the vanilla and sugar. You can taste it, sure, but you don't feel it. That was not the problem here. This was not straight peanut butter, but I could taste it and feel the proper grit of it on my tongue. Sweet when it needed to be sweet, savory at the very end and just an ideal complement for the cake. Hell, I even liked the cookie.

Together: My God. I was half-expecting/dreading that this would be a Reese's Peanut Butter cup, but it was anything but that. I didn't want this to end but I couldn't stop. This was ot a cake meant for nibbling or savoring, this was a creation for biting in a state of ecstasis.

Seriously. Best cupcake ever. Well... at least until the next one ;)



The goodies everyone is getting for Christmas this year because we can't afford much else. Thankfully, cookies are rarely refused. Certainly not in my family! ;c)

The square-ish cookies are Lemon Lassies. These are molasses cookies filled with a lemon-coconut filling. One of mommy's favorites and apparently Jim's too because he asked me to make them.

The kiss cookies are, of course, Peanut Butter Blossoms. Another favorite of mommy's but also of mine. I can't imagine baking for Christmas and not making them. Grandma made them every year for as long as I can remember (and undoubtedly long before) and I'm glad to carry on that tradition.

The brown things hidden behind the Blossoms are Brownie Rollouts. Basically chocolate sugar cookies and o-so-good! They really do taste like brownies, especially if you roll them thick so they stay nice and chewy. I'd wanted to frost them but ran out of time. Thankfully, they are just as yummy all on their own.

In front are my fake Pocky. Basically just chocolate-covered pretzel sticks but that's about all Pocky is minus the salt. We did milk and dark chocolate then drizzled with the opposite to pretty them up.

Last, but most certainly not least is the yummiest cocoa mix ever. I'm thinking I may never buy hot chocolate mix again. It's a fairly standard recipe over all but there are little bits of chocolate (the recipe called for mini chips but I already had the chocolate in larger forms so just chopped it smaller) which make it so rich and creamy and wonderful. Just have to make sure you get the water hot enough and drink it before it cools to room temperature. The little blobs formed when they re-solidify are a little disconcerting. ;c)

buy peanut butter cookies

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